A Round-up of the Latest Updates to SutiHR

SutiHR 6.0.5, the latest version of SutiSoft’s online HR management software platform has been updated with multiple new features and enhancements across modules. Here is a round-up of the latest updates to SutiHR:

  • Added ‘Job Portal Metrics for Today’ section in Recruitment Dashboard which displays candidates’ activities on the job portal
  • Displaying New Hire Details Form, Candidate Rejection Letter, and Job Offer Approval Letter email by default in the Email Templates page under the Recruitment menu
  • Provided an option to sort the Requisition Details Report based on the requisition status
  • Displaying timestamp when a resume has been uploaded in the Resumes and Archived pages
  • Added Employee Audit Details Report in the Custom Report tool
  • Added Certificate Expiration Notifications report in Custom Report tool
  • Added conditions for Date metrics in Custom Report tool
  • When an employee updates his/her information in the Profile page, HR administrator will receive an email notification
  • HR admin can now view the list of documents that have been assigned to an employee in the employee’s Documents page.
  • HR admin can now view the list of pending/completed documents assigned to an employee.
  • Removed Certification Expiration Notification submenu from My HR menu and replaced under My Team menu.
  • HR admin can now provide privileges to an employee to:
  1. View timesheet pop-up
  2. View and update timesheet pop-up
  • Unit admin can now provide privileges of all employees to access their timesheets.
  • HR admin can now prolong an employee’s benefits enrolment duration by specifying the number of days in an employee’s details page.

We keep updating our solution constantly. Check in later to see more updates to SutiHR.

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