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How An Automated Applicant Tracking System Can Improve The Recruiting Process

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Recruitment Management System

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An applicant tracking system or ATS can modify and improve the recruitment operations conducted by the human resource department of a business organization. To keep the business on par with always-changing technology, the demand for the best candidates is always at an all-time high. So, organizations try their best to look for and review suitable candidates and hire them.

But missing out any good talent due to inefficiencies in your ATS system can make your business stagnant. The outdated pen paper and spreadsheets method used in recruitment can be eliminated and the process can be automated by implementing an ATS.

Here are few ways by which the consistency, quality, and efficiency of your hiring process can be improved with an ATS.

Saves Time

A modern applicant tracking systems provides features such as direct sharing on the social media, extracting valuable information from the professional profiles and sending them email responses. This will help you in saving your valuable time while following up with suitable candidates. A HR manager can thus spend more time in doing more productive work instead of going through stack of resumes piled up on his desk.

Eliminate Manual Screening

Tracking and managing candidate applications processes can be done quickly and easily with the help of ATS. An applicant tracking system matches the exact keywords and turns away false positives. New technologies can harness the power of artificial intelligence to help recruiters to screen and stack-rank candidates with growing accuracy for every position. This stack ranking procedure will automate the screening process and will reduce the overall time to fill. Process becomes more objective as it eliminates manual screening decisions.

Create Talent Pipeline Instantly

An ATS contains a large pool of candidate resumes who all have applied for a job in your company for over the years. But your company is unable to use the data efficiently as the search option is not robust. A modern applicant tracking system recommends profiles of the suitable candidates as soon as a job posting is created in the software. This way, it creates an instant talent pipeline for all the newly posted jobs and helps to utilize data efficiency.

Why Should You Invest in Applicant Tracking System?

An efficient applicant tracking system offers various solutions for different recruiting challenges and goals. And selecting and implementing the most suitable one is not an easy task.

What are the challenges your organization is facing while hiring candidates? If they include the challenges mentioned below then investing in a modern applicant tracking system can be beneficial for your business and hiring process.

  • The recruiting process is quite time consuming
  • Output of the recruitment process is not satisfactory
  • Unorganized recruiting and selection process
  • Excessive use of excel spreadsheets and emails for communication purpose
  • Lack of strategy for building talent pools

Thus, it can be stated that a well-designed applicant tracking system will make your recruiting strategy more cost-effective and productive and also aiding you in organizing and tracking recruitment applications, managing talent pools along with streamlining the entire selection process.

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