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How Ghost Card and Custom Receipt Features Simplify the Expense Reporting Process

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Corporate credit cards have become a good option for companies to combat expense fraud. Most companies use corporate cards to verify and validate business spend. As giving a card to each employee is expensive, SMEs are looking for cost-effective ways to manage employee spending. Probably, ghost card can replace corporate credit cards and can be a better option for SMEs.

A ghost card is a company-specific card that can be used by anyone in that organization. All the purchases made on this card can be charged back to the company for which it was issued. In this way, companies can track employee spending without investing much on corporate cards.

Now, the question is how making business transactions through ghost card can combat expense fraud. Ghost card when integrated with the automated expense solution works great and allows you to match the expense receipt data with card transactions, all the transactions that match with the employee expense receipt will be shown in the respective employee account. This would ensure that all expenses made are legitimate and are within the company policy. Therefore, you can track business transactions accurately.

In addition to this, the expense software you select should be highly customizable and scalable. It should allow you to create customized expense receipts and replicate reports as and when required.

With expense report software, it is not that employees should always have an expense receipt to claim reimbursement. Even if you lose the receipt, you should be able to create one and submit for reimbursement. That’s where custom receipt feature comes into picture. Also, you should be able to track reports by search criteria and get the approval/rejection history when required.

All these features will make expense reporting more user-friendly and intuitive.