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How Mobile Devices Transform Expense Reporting

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Expense reporting is a tedious task and advancements in technology have contributed to making the process simple and efficient. First there was digitization and then SaaS. Now, the latest advancement is mobile expense reporting, which, looking at the trends, soon might well become wearable device reporting.

Mobile devices have completely changed the way expenses are reported. All the aspects of traditional reporting have been given a jump start and processes now take very little time to be completed. Here’s how:

Reporting on the go

Employees who go on business trips incur multiple expenses. When they come back to their desks to prepare expense reports, they have to report a bunch of expenses, which will take a long time. Instead, they can now divide the entire task into smaller chunks and finish reporting expenses as soon as they incur. This shortens the reporting time and makes the complex process simple.

Receipt Digitization

One of the most tedious parts of expense reporting is receipt management. Storing all the receipts, sorting them, and attaching them with the right receipts is a time-consuming job that us better left to software than to employees. By switching from manual to automated receipt management, a significant amount of time can be saved.

From the mobile application, you can immediately snap pictures of the receipts and attach them to the expenses immediately. You can discard the physical receipt and keep a digital copy of it.

Handy access

Another aspect of mobile expense reporting is the handy access you gain with it. You have access to data from everywhere with the mobile connection. If you want to check for any notifications or see if the expenses you make are covered under the company policy, the mobile app will help you considerably.

Mobile expense reporting is fast catching up. Sign up today to enjoy the benefits.