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How SutiHR Helps with Performance Appraisals

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Share the postPerformance appraisals are an important part of organizational HRM, and the SutiHR performance…

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Performance appraisals are an important part of organizational HRM, and the SutiHR performance management module helps with complete management of the same. From data collection through appraisal forms to analysis of data and report generation, the software does a lot of things to make appraisals effective and meaningful.

With SutiHR, you can develop comprehensive appraisal programs that can be applied across the organization. The software comes with appraisal form templates which you can customize to suit your organizational needs. You can define goals in multiple ways – team, individual, business unit – and establish key performance indicators and result areas. All of this can be standardized with the software. You can also select the hierarchies according to which appraisals are conducted.

When it comes to data collection, which is a tedious task, SutiHR offers a lot of support. The HR professionals would just have to customize the templates and schedule them. The software will send them out and follow up with the recipients till they are submitted.

SutiHR also comes with analytics that help you analyze the responses from these appraisals and offer proper feedback that is helpful and meaningful. Also, reports can be generated and shared with the right stakeholders regarding these responses.

With SutiHR, you have complete organization in this otherwise chaotic process. All the stakeholders will be able to conveniently complete their tasks in a timely manner. You can also integrate multiple complementary tools like online signature to improve the process. The software ensures complete transparency and visibility into appraisals.

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