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How to Achieve Wireless Expense Savings

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Wireless expense management refers to the monitoring and handling of the mobile, voice, and data assets of your organization, to identify and correct over expenditure, errors, and misuse of resources. It sounds like it wouldn’t be so hard, but it’s an area where SMBs do very poorly compared to larger firms. Here, we present a short list of “must do’s” in WEM to achieve significant savings.

Enforce a mobile policy:

Mobile phones and data plans can cost you a lot. Establish a mobile policy, and standardize devices and plans available. An effective mobile strategy reduces the misuse of resources.

Place entire data in one location:

You should maintain all your information such as invoices, order changes, additions, cancellations, inventory, and so forth where you can see it. You need high visibility to generate good management.

Track your mobile inventory:

You need to track every device – smartphones, pagers, tablets and others. How do you know what to pay for your suppliers for if you are not aware of what you have?

Perform regular invoice auditing:

Review your monthly wireless bills closely for things like overcharges, incorrect setup fees, and service additions & cancellations.

Find low use users:

Identify users who are using their devices very often, or not at all. Analyze the billing summary reports over a certain period, to adjust the usage fluctuation. After identifying adjust or eliminate those services.

Negotiate with your suppliers:

Before you renew existing plans, do some market research on what you are paying for now, what others are offering services for, and what present marketing specials your supplier is providing. Take that data to the bargaining table, or put out a new RFP (Request for Proposal).

Following these steps along with a sophisticated wireless expense management solution can help to establish a reliable wireless expense management program.