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SaaS Wireless Expense Management Software for SMBs

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With the rapid growth in cloud computing over the past few years, there are many areas where SaaS solutions have been widely implemented by small and medium size businesses seeking low costs, better access, and high visibility into their expenses. Though SaaS is quite new in the world of wireless expense management, it offers an excellent solution and can be beneficial to SMBs for several reasons.

A SaaS solution removes the hardware, security, and professional management problems and costs of running an application in-house. It is fast to deploy, economic to maintain, and easy to enhance. Implementing a cloud-based wireless expense solution along with training on best practices eliminates dependencies on WEM service providers.

The on-demand solution is easy-to-learn and simple-to-use. Software upgrades are installed automatically without any additional charges. Web-based software can scale up or down with your volume requirements. As the solution is delivered online, custom reporting can be seamlessly configured and deployed at any time.

Traditional software implementation can take around 8 to 10 months. This can be significantly reduced to days or weeks with SaaS because of the ease of deploying a cloud-based solution vs. on-premise software. The application can capture and analyze usage and fixed costs from billing and generate reports defining potential errors and other savings opportunities.

SaaS solution is a low-cost way for SMBs to establish a best-in-class wireless expense management program without the infrastructure, IT support, and high learning curve needed with enterprise software. State-of-the-art SaaS solutions offer high data security and disaster recovery while providing complete data ownership their users.