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How to Resolve Customer Pain Points Using a CRM Tool

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Your clients may sometimes face issues with the products/services that you provide. You can find them complaining about it, whereas a few of them don’t want to discuss openly about their problems. Unlike the specific client complaints on a product, the pain point is a more persistent problem that can be resolved by a particular service offering. The pain points often stem from categories like productivity, financial, and support problems. By determining what the pain points are and which category they fall into can aid you address them.

But luckily, there are some specific means through which you can know and understand their pain points. A CRM platform helps to gather and analyze data so that you can solve it accordingly.

Ways to Determine Pain Points of Your Clients

  • Ask Customers

By simply asking your clients what problems they are facing can be enough to receive the information you require to resolve them. But how to approach your clients? The pivotal factor to keep in mind is that to ask open-ended questions. It can be accomplished with questionnaires or surveys.

a) What is stopping you from closing a deal?
b) What makes you lose clients?
c) Where do you spend most of your time?

Receiving answers to these questions will be a good place to begin.

  • Listen to Them

Often your clients may be talking about their pain points, but you are not focusing on them. Have your salespeople listen to the prospects to learn new pain points that are prevalent. Utilize this information in face-to-face conversations, live chats, calls, and have them enter the data into the cloud-based CRM solution for later analysis.

  • Look

Some of the customer pain points are found in the reviews that people provide on your products/services. Those geared towards the company will aid you with the issues specific to you but looking at the reviews someplace else may help you more. Look at the other details regarding the competitors too. Determine what can be better done to differentiate you from them.

  • Understand

Take time to map your clients’ journey so that you can better understand the procedure from their viewpoint. This map helps you to visualize the client experience of interacting with your brand and offers description on mapping and understanding customer journey as a necessity to compete. By understanding the journey from the initial interest to the final purchase, you can determine some of the problems on your own.

Leverage Automated CRM Software to Fix Customer Issues

Deploying a robust CRM application can help you to compile all the client pain points that you have pointed out with the above-mentioned techniques. By generating reports that enable you to check and assess the problems that are constantly taking place, you get a good starting point to resolve them.

Any time the pain points revolve around customer satisfaction issues that can be dealt with by having better and organized data. CRM solutions allow you to capture the interactions that prospects have had with the organization so that you can understand why they aren’t converting or why they do.

Documenting problems of your clients in the CRM system can aid your sales representatives explain how your business can solve them. For instance, determining most of your customer issues as to do with productivity for all the prospects. Also, it can help your sales department diagnose problems. It can serve as a valuable tool for your business. Moreover, with CRMs trending towards augmenting artificial intelligence ensures that your clients’ pain points are heard, acted upon, and successfully fixed.

The customers deserve to be heard and doing this will benefit you in the future. Hence, find out if they are struggling with affording the services that they are presently using so that you can provide it for less. Search if they are wasting their valuable time on any specific daily activities or if the internal processes are bogging them down. Check if they are not supported like they want to and deserve to be so that you can understand how to communicate with your superior support services.

After using these techniques successfully to determine the details, gather it within the solution, and understand what to do with the information so that you can convert leads and boost client satisfaction and retention. Leveraging powerful CRM software will help you to resolve the pain points of your own as well, aiding you to remain within budget and help with the internal processes, productivity, and client support issues you may have.

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