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Best Ways to Resolve Client Disputes with Automated CRM Software

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A good customer relationship management solution nurtures leads, monitors prospects, and helps solve client disputes before they cause significant damage to your business. Small enterprise leaders understand well that a consumer dispute is more than a thorn in the side. Even when they are not serious, client complaints can lead to poor online reviews and a lack of referrals, which can hurt the bottom line.

It has been observed that almost 80% of customers won’t purchase from a business with negative online reviews. Also, unsatisfied clients are three times more likely than happy ones to inform their friends/family about a negative experience- and thus, bad word of mouth spreads quickly. Plus, customer complaints can escalate into professional liability lawsuits if they are not appropriately managed. Considering that client disputes are quite common, the stakes are high.

Here we present ways how a CRM software can help keep your clients happy.

1.The Solution Gives Complete Visibility You Require to Engage Customers

The same visibility that enables you to generate personalized correspondence for prospects/leads can aid you when a client comes to you with their complaint. A quick look at the consumer’s history, as catalogues in your cloud-based CRM software, can provide you an idea of how they have engaged with the business, whom they have worked with before, and what they have purchased from you. Armed with this information, you can provide solutions that have not been tried yet.

When you engage with a dissatisfied client, you must:

  • Respond fast. Staying organized helps you to identify and respond to customer complaints quickly.
  • Listen to your customers. Even if you are aware of what their problem is, hear them out patiently.
  • Recap the problem. It’s an excellent way to acknowledge customer frustration and demonstrate that you were listening.
  • Offer your clients a personalized solution. Make them a part of the process so that you do not overcompensate. It also provides a better chance of searching for a solution your clients will accept. It has been observed that if you solve a complaint in your customer’s favor, they will do business with you again.

2.Online CRM System Helps in Keeping Your Information Organized

Keeping all information organized is crucial. You cannot address client complaints that you cannot track. If you are running a small business, customer questions may get lost in your social media feeds or inbox. A robust CRM software can help you to track leads as they engage with your business via email, website, or social media. It signifies that you can respond to the complaints as soon as they appear. The sooner you respond to them, the less time your clients have to stew on negative feelings.

Additionally, CRM solutions enable you to link a task to a particular contact. So, if solving a dispute requires a face-to-face meeting, you can schedule it in a centralized location to ensure that your customer needs are addressed quickly and adequately.

3.Integrate Data with Client Service

More than 85% of clients get annoyed if they have to repeat their issue to multiple sales representatives.

Looking for an easy fix? Integrate the CRM software with your mobile phone so that every time a client calls, their details appear on your customer service representative’s desktop screen.

  • The customer doesn’t have to repeat the same information, which prevents frustration.
  • Your representatives can connect the client with the best person to resolve the issue quickly.

It has been observed that customer service representatives play a pivotal role in satisfying customer experience. So, the more client information you can put in front of representatives, the better they will be able to resolve the issue and contribute to a more satisfying experience.

4.Automated Workflows

Monitor your clients at each stage of the conversion funnel. When you establish several touchpoints for your consumers to convert, they will have genuine reasons to associate with the brand. An automated CRM software solution can improve email marketing strategies with automated workflows based on when and how the client engages with your brand.


More than 80% of sales need around eight follow-ups after their first call or meet up. At times, a lack of follow-up costs you a massive profit margin. It’s equally essential for the representatives after attending a complaint call. After listening to client complaints, the representative must keep a follow-up of whether the solution they offered was helpful. It will prevent consumers from searching for other options because your help failed to satisfy their needs. A CRM system has its database for these instances. By leveraging the database, you can have at least one follow-up after listening to their complaint.

Consumers always expect companies to listen to and understand their pain points. However, buying the right CRM software will help your enterprise nurture, engage, and solve customer complaints and issues effectively. This will make your clients satisfied, content, and loyal to your brand.

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