How To Find A Suitable CRM For Your Business

How To Find A Suitable CRM For Your Business

When running the business, the owners often look for some ways to make the team’s work more efficient and free up their time. A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a reasonable choice cause as its users claim the system saves time and makes it a lot easier to reach customers. In past few years you might hear this abbreviation a lot, but what does it do to your business?

CRM software was created to help the businesses maintain and build relations with current and future customers. Since that time the system has become faster, smarter, and has almost all the recent computing technologies present on the market. A good CRM platform can help your marketing, sales, research, customer service teams, the whole company we may say, to keep eyes on the customers in whatever you do. You can measure and set sales&marketing goals, track entire sales, follow customers behaviour, analyze patterns, deliver and track marketing campaigns, etc.

There are tons of different CRM systems on the market today. Each platform continues to add new features to make it stand out from the rest. That fact makes it really hard to decide which solution to choose, and what will be suitable for our business. In this article, we will try to figure out how to select a right CRM for your company.

Things to consider before searching for CRM

Modern CRM systems offer us a great number of tools to help us run business effectively. Before searching for a solution think about what features you need, how much money you are willing to pay, is your company big or small (cause it’s also essential while choosing), you want it to be simple or have a lot of different tools. All of these can influence your choice.

It’s also vital to remember about implementation period. In any way, you and your team will need some time to figure out how it works, test it, and get used to it. Some CRM systems require less time for that, some more. You might even need a special person to teach you if the platform turns out to be too complicated for the employers.


The first thing that comes to mind when choosing a platform is its cost of course. It varies considerably. The price typically depends on a number of users and available features.

Usually, it is expected to pay on a per user, per month or annually. Some companies can change the price if you pay for a year/two ahead. Prices range from $10 per user/month to thousands of dollars, it depends on the features you want to have and the number of users.

Many vendors offer free trial periods for you to try to use the platform and see if it suits you. Also, some solutions have free versions, it is usually so for a limited amount of users and features.

Factors you have to mind while choosing CRM

So, let’s list them.

  1. Functionality. The solution should have a set of features to facilitate your work.
    • Lead sales and management. CRM can find new customers from social media, inbound calls, website visitors. Some CRMs allow its users to store and create track invoices and sales quotes.
    • Marketing. A lot of CRM systems have inserted marketing tools like email marketing pipelines, email templates, SMS messaging, etc. Some of them have sales forecasting and competition tracking capabilities.
    • Workflows. Project management is one of the most important features of any CRM. Some platforms have built-in workflows and checkmark style approvals that provide great help in task management.
    • E-commerce. Some CRM systems have built-in e-commerce functionality, the other allows the simple e-commerce integration.
  2. Ease of use. Of course, it should be easy to use. No one wants to spend days to figure out how the CRM works.
  3. Price. As mentioned above it is critical and greatly varies. It depends on your company’s budget and willingness to pay.
  4. Company’s reputation. We are more willing to use the platform with a high evaluation rate and don’t want to risk choosing a low-rated solution.
  5. Support. The possibility to have good support is vital. Cause you never know when something might go wrong.

To sum up

Choosing a correct CRM software for your company is an important thing to do and great business investment. Make sure you have taken your time while searching to find the best platform and suitable service for the data transfer like Data2CRM. Cause the CRM is capable of influencing on the growth of your business.

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