How The Integrated CRM System With E-Signatures Can Benefit Your Business

CRM – is all about managing customer relationships and organizing customer records on a centralized CRM database. Besides, maintaining of the profitable customer relationships, CRM software plays a pivotal role in everyday sales operations. On a regular basis, the sales person’s main job responsibility is to interact and follow-up with prospects and customers’ as well as close the business deals much faster. However, businesses while in the process of closing a deal or sending of the documents to the client or customer, they need a solution where their can securely send the documents to the client as well as acquire the correct signatures from the client in a safe manner.

In order to have a safe and secured sales transactions, businesses should adopt the integrated solutions of online cloud CRM software with electronic signatures. The integrated system can help your business to streamline the sales and service processes, sign on business documents from anywhere in the world, at anytime and from any device, attain more competence in business, direct the documents to the appropriate clients, and instantly send, and sign the documents online.

In addition to this, the integrated solution also provides the audit-tracking feature for businesses that can enable them to track – who have signed the document, at what time, and from which location. Besides, your business can even send the automatic remainder emails to your client that can help them to remind about the signatures that are needed to keep on document or an agreement.

Moreover, the usage of the integrated electronic signature solution with CRM software can help your business in unlimited ways. Here are a few:

  1. Boosts the Sales Team Work Productivity

In the past, businesses used to spend a lot of money on pen, paper, postage charges and on other stationery items. This has increased the business cost and as well as reduced the work productivity of the sales employees’ with the continuous task of printing, scanning, and mailing of the various business documents and sales agreements. However, the usage of the integrated electronic signature solution with CRM software helped businesses to streamline the sales work processes, and reduce the time spent on preparation and faxing of the various business documents as businesses now, can send and sign the sales contracts or other business documents on an electronic format by using the electronic signatures.

2. Speeds Up the Sales Contract Process

By using the integrated solution of e-signatures with Customer Relationship Management software, your business can quickly create and deliver the contract documents as well as your sales person can speed up the time in processing the documents. Moreover, the integrated solution can enable your customers’ to execute and process the electronic business contracts or documents much quicker and faster.

3. Improves the Sales Data Quality

On an everyday basis, using of the CRM software can help your business to improve the quality in the sales data, take the correct and improvised sales decision, and save the most valuable time instead of wasting it in searching for the manual forms or for the right information. Moreover, by using the integrated solution your business can also improve the overall consistency in the contract process as well as in the data quality and decrease the chances of post sales-contract disputes.

In addition to this, the adoption of the integrated CRM solutions with e-signatures can help your business to accelerate the contract signing process, make your sales contracts or agreements more consistent, legally binding, and professional, speed-up the sales proceedings, reduce the manual related sales tasks, improve the audit-trail and sales data quality, cut down the costs associated with the processing of sales documents, as well as boost the sales efficiency and productivity.

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