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Key Components Of CRM Software

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Not all CRM systems have the same features. Some offer built-in features while others do not. Some allows you to create a bunch of reports from templates, while others allow you to customize and create granular reports. When all the features are considered, the following features are indispensable:

Lead Management

CRM system allows you to easily sift through lead list with a dedicated interface listing all your leads. Everything you need to know about the lead – the demographic details, lead score, conversions, activity on the website and even recent tickets – everything can be seen on one screen. Important actions such as emailing/calling the lead and making an appointment can be done from one place. Every lead comes with many details and capturing every detail is very important, that’s what the CRM system does.

Pipeline Management

CRM systems feature “visual sales pipeline” view. It is just an overview of all deals, grouped under various stages, arranged like a pipeline. Features such as drag and drop works with stages, emailing contacts associated with deals and everything that saves sales team time.

Built-in Capabilities

Built-in features allows you to place calls in a few clicks, the CRM system automatically logs calls, map recording to the lead’s profile and even helps you record voice mail greetings. Additionally, you can purchase numbers for your region and assign the leads to sales reps, all from one place.


Switching between the email and your CRM software is time-consuming. Featuring a online CRM system with which you can integrate your email – whether it is a Gmail, Office 365 or any other – means you spend less time navigating between applications and have more time to think through. Also, you can look for email templates in the CRM system to send standard responses. Tracking open rates and click-through rates can be done easily with SutiCRM.


With the data stored in a CRM system, generating reports is something that can actually help measure the performance. Create different report formats for various criterion such as deals closed by month, leads converted by quarter and so on. It is imperative for businesses to choose a CRM that offer flexibility and you should be able to dive deep and create a report for your unique business needs.


In sales, there are a lot of activities that requires human intervention. Activities such as sending out invoice reminder emails, changing the lead status from Negotiation to Won and sending notifications to customers all these will require manpower. Actions such as sending automatic triggers when the billing date is closer will depend on the trigger-action formula you create while creating workflows in the CRM system. Tasks can be automated based on the rules you define, which means the automated system sends the reminder email on your behalf and you don’t have to remember it.

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