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Integrating An Effective CRM Software: What Can It Do for Your Sales And Marketing Teams

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Before starting, it is important for you to understand what customer relationship management (CRM) is and how integrating it can be beneficial for your organization.

Your sales department has all the tools that improve tracking, keep prospects organized, and generate activity alerts they require for staying privy to the actionable and relevant information.

Moreover, the sales team can now focus on what really matters the most, like bringing revenue, closing deals, and more.

Let’s take a look how integrating your CRM software with marketing automation system will bring sales benefits.

a) Making Better Decision About Marketing and Customers

A single holistic view across departmental information on customers provide all information that you need for taking proper decisions.

When you have the access to each and every customer interaction and feedback, then you are empowered to make correct and better corporate decisions while developing a marketing strategy.

b) Receiving Real-Time Activity Alerts

Marketing automation helps sales representatives to get real-time alerts when a prospect is active and takes a specific action such as visiting the pricing page.

With this detailed information that is delivered in real-time through CRM, email, or a desktop application, your sales team can stay updated on the interests and activities of the prospects and follow up without wasting valuable time.

c) Improve Sales

An automated CRM software provides management with instantaneous data which can be analyzed for optimizing the performance of an organization.

By monitoring data sets related to up-sell rates, revenue per call, case times, managers can plan strategies for retaining customers and improve sales.

d) Providing Social Media Insights

By leveraging CRM integration with the social medias it helps you to gain deeper insights into your customers activities, tastes, and preferences, and also their purchasing behavior.

This will aid in speeding up the sales process and allow you to identify leads, the ones having a higher chance of getting converted into customers.

e) Managing Pipeline

Using an online CRM software solution is the smartest way of tracking leads and prospects in the sales funnel. Sales potential and segments are maximized through the sales pipeline. So, salespeople can plan effective strategies for moving leads from one stage to next and also notify them about timing.

f) Uniting Sales and Marketing Teams Together

In order to build a strong customer relationship, both marketing and sales departments need to work together as a unit.

An effective CRM system helps both the teams to remain up-to-date and they can access the real-time data which is related to a customer’s profile.

Marketing automation features in CRM software allow the marketing department to pass leads to the sales department without manual effort. The sales teams then act accordingly on those leads and try their best to convert them into customers.

A CRM system is an essential tool to maintain customer data and will help your sales team sell smarter by never dropping the ball, and always staying in the loop.

It prevents any unnecessary duplicate manual entry of information and save your sales and marketing team’s time, effort, and money so that they can focus on their objective of making sales.

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