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How to Secure Your Mobile Enterprise

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Bring-your-own-device is one of the biggest transitions taking place in IT sector today. New generation employees increasingly expect to use the mobile devices they feel works best for them, which leads to enhanced user satisfaction and productivity. However, BYOD policy also presents many challenges, and the most significant is data security. Mobile device management solution enables you to track and manage employee-owned mobile devices and applications, much as they do with company-issued devices. Application management creates a barrier between personal and business applications and data, protecting business apps from the vulnerabilities and hazards of the personal apps.

In order to secure enterprise network, applications, and business data, IT should know what devices its employees use and be able to manage and monitor them. The software solution provides automated discovery, tracking, and monitoring of all user devices connecting to the business network. Centralized device management, enforcement of passwords, and encryption of devices can be achieved with this system.

To optimize business productivity, mobile device enrollment into the platform should be quick, enabling employees to access email and business applications as soon as possible. The advanced MDM solution offers self-enrollment capability, where employees can add new devices and gain access in minutes while keeping the business protected. Remote locking of devices and data wiping helps remove all sensitive business data and applications in the event the mobile device is lost or stolen. Automated un-enrollment removes employees from the corporate network once they leave the organization.

The mobile enterprise faces unique challenges as employees’ personal and business lives mix together. Enterprise mobility management software resolves every security concern of BYOD, balancing employee freedom and satisfaction with firm enterprise management, compliance and security needs.