Achieve Complete Control over All Types of Corporate Expenses with SutiExpense

Allowing your employees to make business expenses is powerful, however it also present an area of susceptibility for your company. Over expenses can quickly shrink your profit margins, and inappropriate spend can lead to ethical, regulatory and legal issues. SutiExpense offers in-depth tracking and reporting for all types of corporate expenses, whether they are paid by an employee for reimbursement or placed on a business P-card or credit card. The software gives you a granular view of spend activities while providing robust wizards and user-friendly screens.

The system offers high visibility into business expenses so that you can check and analyze employees’ spending choices. Built-in reporting tool displays various views of expense trends and enables you to identify potential budgetary issues. The software solution allows you to define business expense strategies that remind employees about approved vendors, spending limits and receipt requirements. Real-time reporting capability of this solution helps you maintain compliance with various government regulations.

The software facilitates credit/debit card integrations. You can consolidate all corporate card activities within the solution that drives efficiencies and helps increase the value of your corporate card program. Credit card integration offers direct data feeds into the expense reporting system, eliminating tedious manual tasks that consume valuable AP resources- you can optimize your human capital. The application also provides electronic approval routing with a review of purchases department or cost center.

The intuitive interface enables you to track reports easily, using drag-and-drop you can quickly assign spend items to reports. It automatically attaches electronic, mobile, scanned receipts to digital transactions. SutiExepense mobile application allows employees to add, edit, submit spend reports, managers can approve them, they can also view the status of reimbursements from their smartphones or tablets.