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Wireless Trends in the Healthcare Sector and How WEM Supports Them

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Deployment and usage of wireless devices is rapidly increasing across healthcare organizations. They are using smartphones, tablets and mobile applications to stay connected while increasing internal efficiency and streamlining process. Wireless technology is being deployed within many healthcare institutions to accelerate patient registration and discharge. Emergency responders can offer faster diagnostic readings and improve communication with hospitals.

However, the growth of mobility presents many challenges for telecom / IT departments. Overspending on wireless services is a reality for many healthcare providers. Wireless expense management solution helps track and monitor all wireless usage and costs, allowing healthcare organizations to make better decisions regarding their mobile environment. They can gather and review voice and data usage in order to ensure that rate plans are optimized. Organizations may have many users that have individual rate plans, and optimization helps in creating pooled plans which are more cost effective. The process also includes the identification of under-usage or non-usage mobile devices, which can be decommissioned and save the business a significant amount of money.

The system also sends alerts to individual users when their voice or data usage is exceeded. Real time reports can be generated and automatically sent to the concerned managers about the list of users who are over-and under-utilizing their wireless devices. This helps managers make better decisions and manage their employees more effectively. The software also helps negotiate the best-in-market rates, terms, and conditions, and also tracks performance against those contracts and alerts about upcoming expirations.

The software solution stores invoice, usage, inventory, and transaction data in a single location, it is easily accessible for analysis and planning purpose. Sophisticated WEM software helps alleviate mobility concerns and provides relief to healthcare providers.