SutiExpense Alleviates the Troubles of Corporate Travelers and Approvers

Manual expense tracking process is painstaking and time-consuming. Employees need to gather receipts, enter spend data into spreadsheets, and most likely scan, print, and mail piles of documents to their financial team. Moreover, paper-based processes requires longtime for review and approval. Automated expense tracking software streamlines the entire expense management process, enabling corporate travelers, managers, and AP team to digitize virtually every step of the process.

The system makes expense tracking easy. Spend reports can be created, submitted, approved, and processed through a web interface or a mobile application. Automated feeds sync data with AP and HR systems seamlessly. With a unified system it is easy to pull information for reporting into a range of important factors. Credit card integrations help capture all transactions directly into the expense management system. Automated data feeds of corporate card transactions eliminate the reconciliation process, saving numerous hours and associated costs. By using a mobile app employees can take a picture of a receipt with their smartphone and attach it to spend reports instantly.

The software solution automatically builds and creates expense reports for business travelers to review and submit for approval with customizable email reminders and optional manager notification of noncompliance. Payment approvals and other back-end processes will become more smooth and quick so that employee reimbursement speeds up. With the automated approval workflows employees no longer have to wait and see, and concerned managers no longer have to wait for the response from AP team about the status of reimbursement.

Cutting edge features of expense management software help you manage T&E, eliminate billing errors, enhance spend visibility, and reduce administrative burden. With cloud-based software you can manage the entire expense reporting process from any location, anytime.