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How to Improve Your Hiring Strategy

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The success of an organization depends upon the ability to attract and hire top talent. Recruiting top talent requires a strategy that involves objectives such as an action plan, comprehensive job profiles, referrals, and automation throughout the hiring process. Here we present a few tips for creating a strategy that will help your recruitment process.

Action Plan

Creating your hiring strategy begins with understanding your company needs and business goals. Organizations should define short term and long term operating plans for the business and understand critical roles. Once you understand where your business is and where you wish to be, it’s important to create an action plan and execute it. Methods that support your recruitment strategy may include integrating your careers page with an applicant tracking system (ATS), creating a referral program, using social media to share and grow a talent community, and boosting your candidate searches with specific search criteria.

Job Profiles

It’s not enough to just hire an employee to fill an open position. Organizations should recruit top talent who can do the job more quickly and enhance efficiencies. Businesses need to create a high performer job profile including the skill set required for that particular role and the required cultural fit. The cost to replace and hire a new employee can be less than the total costs of replacement, including training and loss of productivity of an employee’s annual salary. Creating comprehensive job profiles prior to the recruitment process can save you time and money after the hire.


Businesses need to understand the high value of referrals in the recruiting program. Your current employees will have a good understanding of what needs to be done and the skills that are required. They may be able to recommend candidates who can fill open positions. Referral programs are a great source of potential candidates. Also, it motivates your current employees to share opportunities that are available and be rewarded for it.


The manual recruitment process is tedious and time-consuming. Businesses should have a centralized solution that can help identify the best candidate sources, evaluate candidates fairly, and maintain compliance with federal recruitment laws. An online HR recruitment system specifically designed to maximize the job distribution, applicant tracking, and reporting can enhance your hiring process saving you time, effort, and money.

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