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Your Key to Business Success: Social CRM

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Today, business people are learning more about the importance of internet marketing and digital marketing to market their products and services online. Firstly, when we think about the phrase ‘digital marketing’, the term ‘SEO’ would strike our mind. SEO (Search Engine Optimization), means optimizing your company website to reach top rank on search engine results.

Several internal and external factors affect the rankings of search engines. One of the major factors that determine the website’s search engine placement are customer service ratings.

These days, everyone is online and most people possess a smartphone with an internet connection. For example: If you are planning to purchase a mobile phone or planning to visit a restaurant, the first thing to check online are customer ratings for that particular product or for that restaurant.

If the customer ratings or reviews are negative, then simply consumers ignore that business and move forward with a competitor. Negative ratings highly impact your business sales. If a new company receives a bad review about their business on social media pages, then it could be a death sentence for that business driving customers away.

In order to maintain profitable relationships with your customers, businesses have to adopt social CRM technology.

Here, I would like to list out a few essential factors that can maximize your business social media presence with the help of Social CRM.

  1. Define your Social Objectives:

Planning to start with CRM software? At first, define your social objectives in par with your business goals.

Decide on which social media platforms to focus on, what kind of social data you would like to collect and analyze, and how the collected information can become instrumental in your business’ CRM strategy. Your Social CRM success should start with knowing what works and what doesn’t work.

  1. Track Customer Interactions

CRM enables you to monitor social media feeds with your company name and about your company’s products. Keep track of social media posts; this helps in identifying any customer service issues and starts to work on them before a support ticket rises. And it will help in developing a positive relationship with your customers.

  1. Identify and Engage Your Social Followers

By using CRM tools, you can identify and engage with your social followers and influencer’s who are driving positive conversions about your brand on these social platforms. Identify potential social audiences, reach out to them, and reward those loyal customers with a handwritten letter or mail them a few sample brand goodies or gifts.

In this digital age, social media has evolved rapidly and businesses are viewing it as a tool to build profitable customer relationships. Customers are also considering social media as a platform to share their opinions, comments, and reviews about business products and services. Consumers are making informed purchase decisions based on the advice from their peers from social reviews. Therefore, social media has become a critical factor in deciding business success.

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