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CRM and Social Media

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Customer is the glue that binds all marketing. Retaining your consumer base is a task easier said than done. During the time that this article takes shape, the screen space is also filled with various social media sites. That’s the first clue. The blend of social media and CRM will have customers listening to you. This is what’s going to attract them to your brand.

Know your audience

Connectivity is an integral part of brand consciousness. Social media helps read the mind of the customer. The personal profile of potential buyers glorifies their likes and dislikes, setting the course for a brand specific target audience.

How is this different from customer feedback? You buy yourself a treat and in the process are asked for a positive feedback. This feels more like an obligation than a pleasure ride. Feedback best emulates the personal tastes of customers when given at a time of leisure. Social media is one such platform that engages and reveals true consumer preferences. People love to flaunt their choices on social websites where they can showcase their likes and dislikes to friends and acquaintances. No one likes to be bombarded with a barrage of promotional material. Choice is a conscious and individualistic act. It’s better for firms to figure out where their audience lies. Integrating CRM with social media helps make your customer search relevant and time bound.

Do away with Mad Men

Your existing customer base knows you. Your future customers want to know you. Two different promotional campaigns need to be applied to gain and retain these two parties. Managing customers happens on multiple levels. Businesses cannot simply thrust a single campaign to please both these sets of audiences.  Avoid having salespeople resort to the Mad Men tactics of aggressive campaigning. Let customers come to you.

Delight you audience

Social media coupled with CRM will manifest a brand new user experience. Feel the pulse of the audience and accordingly build on your marketing strategy. By observing and noting social media engagements among different societies, firms can customize CRM systems to suit target audiences. The new definition of marketing is to give the client his favorite toy and not what you favor. CRM helps firms hold onto happy customers.