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Benefits of Sales Force Automation – Part One

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The sales function of any organization is one of the most important business functions, if not the most important. The sales function has a direct impact on the organization’s bottom line and the more effective the sales team, the more profitable the organization. Therefore, every organization must seek to optimize its sales function and ensure that adequate tools and resources are available for the sales team to carry out its responsibilities effectively.

This is where Sales Force Automation (SFA) comes in. A part of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), SFA involves automating the tasks and activities normally carried out by sales reps using software custom-built for this purpose. In this post, we’ll see the benefits of sales force automation.

Save time: Let’s face it. Salespeople are some of the most overworked people in the organization. They have to perform a multitude of tasks to land the client. On an average day, a salesperson has to interact with people at various levels of the sales funnel like prospects, leads, and qualified leads. While it’s the first contact with some of them, with some others it is a follow up. They are also the point of contact the outsiders have with the organization.

With so much to deal with, how can salespeople stay on top of all this and be productive? How will they do the selling if they are expending time in these tasks? This is where SFA helps them. By automating these tasks, it gives them more time to focus on the important things and sell better.

Intelligence: Salespeople collect a lot of data. This data can help them be more effective if they can use it intelligently. Without the tools to process this data, they can make no use of it.

Integrated analytics tools that come with SFA software help them crunch the data and gain actionable insights from the resultant information. It also helps them become better at forecasting, an activity that is part science and part art and very easy to get wrong.

More benefits coming in the next post.