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Leveraging Social Media to Attract Top Talent

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Recruiting top talent is not an easy task, mainly as more jobs require distinct skill sets as well as the right culture fit to help ensure business growth. With the growth in economy, the market provides multiple career opportunities, and traditional methods may not suffice in capturing candidate attention. Social media provides an opportunity to build a relationship and engage with candidates in more than a one-way discussion.

In a competitive job market, relationships are a differentiator. Posting job openings and insights about the organization is not sufficient. Recruiters should provide something of value to take the first step in building relationship with candidates. They should share economic data, salary negotiation tips and other information which is relevant to target audience and attract them to follow.

In addition to sharing valuable information and resources, recruiters need to participate in discussions with potential candidates and promote job openings across social channels. They must also provide an option to sign up for job alerts so that the candidates can reach when they are ready.

Moreover, organizations should effectively measure social recruiting. Sophisticated web analytical tools like Google Analytics will help in this. It is always better to know from where the candidates are coming and what content they are clicking on to engage and apply. It helps in understanding which channels lead to the best quality of hires for them.

Recruiters should research and understand how the candidates want to interact with them on social media, and build relationships accordingly. This approach helps increase the rate of success. Robust recruiting software offers HR recruiters new approaches to target the most qualified job applicants and engage with them appropriately on social networks.

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