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Location Based Attendance Tracking with Geofencing

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Geofencing in Time and Attendance

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Scheduling shifts and monitoring attendance of remote employees is a tough task for HR teams. If an organization is using the age-old process to keep track of remote employees on paper, or excel, it is wasting unnecessary time and effort and putting extra stress on HR staff. Businesses need advanced technology to keep track of where their employees are, and whether they are in the correct location or not. A sophisticated time management system with geofencing capability helps track employee attendance in real-time.

Geofencing is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. Generally, this feature allows an administrator to set geographical areas to limit where an employee is permitted to clock-in and clock-out. An administrator can define an unlimited number of zones and assign them to employees, based on factors such as day of the week, time of day, and more.

Employees will have to be there in this area to submit clock-in and clock-out of their shift. By setting a range of exactly where and when the employees will be able to clock-in/out, you will be able to know where the employees are and when they are there, which gives you peace of mind so you can focus on more significant things.

Geofencing lets you do more than just the clock-in/clock-out process. It gives you the ability to monitor your employees’ location in real time based on their GPS location, and have them do a set of safety checks to let you know everything is going well at the workplace. A robust shift scheduling software system will give your employees directions to their assigned work site and allow you to communicate back and forth within the solution.

In case there are any issues, the employees can send notifications in real time, from the mobile app. On the other side, managers can communicate real-time changes directly to employees, all while ensuring they are safe at work.

Through better communication between managers and employees, the relationship with employees will improve and lead to lower staff turnover and higher employee satisfaction, which has the potential to boost the business bottom line. Clear communication is crucial to keep employees happy, as well as customers.

Shift scheduling software even provides you with a detailed report of when and where your employees are, so customers will be assured that they are being taken care of. Moreover, it saves costs by administering clock-in/clock-out of shifts of remote employees and ensures that you get accurate attendance data.

The power of geofencing technology helps you manage the attendance of your mobile workforce, like field staff out on marketing or service tasks. SutiHR’s advanced time management capability improves efficiency as well as employees’ satisfaction.

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