Accurate and Transparent Time Management Software

You can maintain your employees’ time and attendance records accurately and consistently. Key Features include:

  • Capture employee clock-in and clock-out data using built in timesheets, or external time devices or even the SutiHR mobile apps! Offer complete visibility and transparency to employee attendance and work schedule.
  • Implement time off rules and policies which will all be conveniently located and accessible in one easy-to-use platform, eliminating confusion
  • Automate notifications and reminders for time off approvals/rejections
  • Send detailed periodic reports to employees automatically, saving you time and effort
  • Employees can apply for time off and view their complete time off record
  • Team time off calendars allow employees to view their teammates’ approved time off
  • Inter-business unit reporting functionality for time off requests, i.e. employees from one business unit can send a time off request to their reporting authorities from another business unit
  • More..

SutiHR – Time Tracking Software

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