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Maintain Accurate Time and Attendance Records

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We don’t have a reliable way of tracking our employees’ time and attendance. Our employees are taking advantage of this situation by coming in late and going out early.

Buddy punching is a major issue at our office. We don’t know how to get rid of it.

Maintaining and compiling time and attendance records is a nightmare! Not only do we not have enough resources to accurately maintain records but we are also wasting too much time on compiling records at the end of the month.

Are you familiar with any of the above scenarios? You’re not alone. Maintaining accurate time and attendance records is always a big hassle for most organizations, especially those short on manpower. After all, how many organizations can afford to dedicate resources for this?

So, how can we resolve this issue? Is there a tool that lets you automate this process so that you can concentrate more on your business operations? Will it stop buddy punching and let you compile accurate records easily?

The optimal way to resolve the issue is to deploy an online fingerprint-based biometric time and attendance tracking application. With this system, employees have to authenticate themselves with their fingerprints whenever they enter or leave the office. This can act as a standalone application or integrate with other business management applications like your HRIS or CRM.

As a fingerprint is unique to each employee, there will be no scope for fraud or buddy punching. The system maintains accurate time and attendance details down to the last second and managers/supervisors can pull out these reports anytime they want, with a few clicks.

Employees need not worry about possibility of data or identity theft either. It is a reliable and secure solution that does not store the employee’s fingerprints but extracts minutiae points and stores them in the server for authentication. Users will need the highest privileges before they can access any information.

Fingerprint-based authentication can bring a lot of benefits to its users. Click on the link to know more.

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