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Making Business Travel Less Stressful with Travel & Expense Integration

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Business travel can be exciting but can also be stressful. There are a lot of things to handle -booking tickets, hotels, and taxis can all leave you frazzled before you even enter the room to make a pitch. Around 9 out of 10 business travelers experience stress. Thankfully, technology has taken these hassles away. Right from concierge services to check out, technology can do that for you.

Travel–Expense integration can take the stress out of expense reporting. The integration allows businesses to automate travel management in a cost-effective manner. T & E solution relies on companies’ travel policies and employees travel preferences to create smart itineraries. The integrated solution incorporates business policies into the system and gives multiple options for travelers so that they can book tickets instantly.

The solution enables employees to adhere to companies’ policies constraints and gives them a personalized travel booking experience. Since multiple travel API’s (Application Programming Interface) gets integrated with the solution, users can get the best rates while bookings.

In addition, our solution features travel desk capabilities, meaning every travel request from an employee will go to the travel desk wherein a designated department will review the request details and then send to the respective approver to make a booking. This can avoid out-of-policy expense requests before the actual spending happens. Also, this level of authorization would result in huge savings in business travel costs over time and can achieve compliance to a greater extent.

Streamlining travel processes doesn’t mean an end to the stress; the actual stress comes with receipt management. By integrating travel with expense, all the transactions you made while on a business trip will be directly imported into the expense report within the system, so there will be no need to carry receipts all through your travel.

Travel-expense integration can cut travel and entertainment spending by around 30%, allowing for greater savings over time.