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Managing the Workforce Time Easily and Accurately

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Share the postIn the global economy, we find employees working in various locations. Whether employees…

Managing the Workforce Time Easily and Accurately

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In the global economy, we find employees working in various locations. Whether employees work at the corporate headquarters, from home, or at a client business site, they all need to accurately and efficiently track and report their work hours. Traditional paper-based systems are inaccurate and also require additional resources to enter data into the payroll system.

Automated time and attendance systems have become an effective alternative to manual systems – and to their associated problems. However, choosing the right software for your organization from the many solutions readily available is critical to the success of your solution. A robust time management system excels at tracking employee attendance and PTO, and can scale up to meet your future needs. The solution makes the processes of reporting and tracking time easier for you and your employees. It provides seamless integration with all of your key systems for hours that are tracked.

A cloud-based software solution for time management eliminates all of the paperwork, eliminating the associated costs of printing, distribution, and routing. It allows you to create time sheets digitally and manage time off requests, accruals, and more within the application. Notification about the time-off requests and approvals can be quickly communicated within a secure environment. The data can be easily exported directly to payroll systems for correct calculations. The same data can be applied to systems tracking and reporting on labor costs and labor application.

A robust system allows you to configure rules that are based on your business policies. These rules guide the workforce throughout the process of entering work time and making time-related requests. Once the rules are verified, the line or HR managers can approve or reject the timesheets and time-off request. Also, the application automatically triggers notifications to the requester alerting them of the decision. Managers can create daily, monthly, or annual calendar views to check for overlaps and excessive absences. They can perform trend analyses to address identified problems with employee time and performance reporting.

When a system has advanced data quality, its reports will provide a more accurate picture of the business operation. The real-time reports will, in turn, accurately show the areas employees are focusing on, which tasks are consuming excessive amounts of time, and which require additional time. A sophisticated time and attendance management system allows you to generate a wide variety of reports such as employee absence, daily attendance, monthly attendance, time off balance, and more.

Employee self-service will increase employee satisfaction because reporting and submitting their time sheets becomes effortless. The system simplifies the process of planning and requesting time off; it manages the accrued time off balance that is available and provides the employee convenient access to that information. A web-based time management system is simple to install and allows you to configure the system to reflect the uniqueness of your business. The system is also flexible for extensive customization; you can tailor the solution to the exact needs of your business. The system seamlessly integrates with your existing HR systems to synchronize each employee’s personal information.

An automated time and attendance management process can lower costs, improve efficiencies, and increase employee satisfaction. Web-enabled time management software can effectively meet your needs and save your business money.

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