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More Updates to SutiHR

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Share the postThe HR department is an important component of an organization. A software solution…

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The HR department is an important component of an organization. A software solution with up-to-date workforce management tools can streamline the functions of the HR department and make it more efficient.

The latest updates to SutiHR make your HR professionals and employees life easier by providing strategic management data with the click of a button.

Time Management:

  • HR administrators can now search employee time sheets based on salary type “Exempt or Non-Exempt”
  • HR administrators now have the option to cancel an availed time off
  • HR administrators can now allow employees to clock in and clock out by selecting a department and a job category.
  • HR admin can now apply time off on behalf of employees belonging to another business unit
  • When an employee’s time off request is approved or rejected or cancelled, the system automatically sends an email alert to the employee’s line manager


  • HR administrators can now view the reviews completed by employee, manager, or peer in the employee’s appraisal page


  • Employees can now see the H&W benefits in their paystub generated using TRAXPayroll
  • The system displays H&W earned amount and the used amount in paystub made using TRAXPayroll


  • HR administrators can now easily view the permissions given to the employee, and whether the document can be viewed by the employee or restricted from being viewed
  • In the Mail Notification page, HR administrators now have an option to define whether to send birthday email only to the respective employee or to all the employees in the unit
  • The application automatically sends a report to HR administrator about the employees’ certificates that are going to expire

For more information, please visit SutiHR page.

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