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New Feature Updates to SutiHR

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Share the postRecently, we have unveiled the most recent version of SutiHR, version 7.6.5. Some…

SutiHR HR Software Latest Updates - Human Resource Software

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Recently, we have unveiled the most recent version of SutiHR, version 7.6.5. Some of the key features which have been added to the software are listed below.

HR managers can now send offer letters to multiple approvers. Offer letters can be sent to candidates only when they are approved by all approvers.

The solution now provides an option to keep track all emails that have been sent to panel members during the hiring process.

HR managers have an option to add details about previous interview rounds when scheduling the next round of an interview.

Division and job location can be added when creating a job profile of an employee. These fields are available only when ‘Enable Division and Job Location’ option under the personnel section which is selected at the unit level. Navigation:Settings |General Settings|Personnel section.

HR admins can create these divisions and job locations when creating organization setups. Navigation:Setups| Organization section.

Employees have the ability to upload and store documents to their My HR profile. These documents are made available for HR managers under Personnel| Records| Search| Documents| Uploaded by Employee. Managers/Team leads can view the documents uploaded by a particular employee by navigating through My Team| Team Records |View |Documents.

Based on the email notification settings made at the unit level, notifications are sent to the selected person(s) when an employee uploads a document.

HR managers now have an option to update the reporting authority of selected employees simultaneously.

Apply for Time Off option has been added under ‘Time Management’ to the employees’ roles and privileges section. By deactivating this option, employees will not see the ‘Apply for Time Off’ button on their Self Service Dashboard and will not be able to apply for time off, though they can still view their PTO balances.

Requisition code and job title columns have been added to requisition details. Managers/Team leads can view these details for the requisition requests they have made. They can also view the applications that are received for each requisition. Navigation My HR| Profile | Requisition Requests.

HR managers can now create job profiles for a list of employees at a time.

Job Location field has been added to enhance the employee record search option on the Personnel | Records | Search screen.

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