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Online File Management Software for freelancers

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Who says online file management software is not for freelancers? If you are a freelancer and have a team working from different locations then any software to manage documents will be beneficial for you. Freelancers have hundreds of documents to manage. Managing them and preserving them becomes a challenge. Here is business productivity application that is the right solution to your problem.

Manage documents like never before

With this application you can create folders and keep related documents in them. File management software gives you the facility to move, file, unfile, checkout, and check in files, documents, and records. Get your required document in seconds with advanced search option. You can also save the search results to use later. By using built-in version control functions you can save different versions of a document. This will help you keep an audit trail of the document.

Work from anywhere and at anytime

As you are a freelancer your working zone is not restricted to your home or any specific work station. You can work from a coffee shop, a café, or a friend’s house. Moreover you might be using a computer, a laptop or a tablet for your work. This application will let you access your documents from anywhere and from any device. The only thing that you will need is an internet connection.

Replace your traditional computer-based file management system with a cloud-based document management system. You will no more miss opportunities in business. Easily stay on deadlines, keep your publishers merry, and forget working hard to keep track of sent and received files. Remember, a joyful freelancer is a creative one! You can be a happy freelancer when you don’t have much stress on your mind.

Try online file management software which will help manage documents and let you be stress-free.