Online HR Software Completely Changes the Way Your HR Department Works

HR department plays a key role in retaining top talent and works for employee development….

E-recruiting Software - SutiHR

HR department plays a key role in retaining top talent and works for employee development. Online HR software helps HR professionals manage complete employee-related data and processes through a single console. The system closely monitors employee records and personnel actions, benefits, payroll, time and attendance, HR compliance, and more.

The software helps HR professionals expand their proactive, strategic role by enabling them to quickly find and access critical analytics to drive hiring and workforce management decisions. They can easily access tasks, reports, personal information, and more with this application.

HR management system offers advanced automated tools that are necessary to make the best possible hiring decisions. These easy to use tools assist HR and hiring and managers with recruitment workflows that include primary recruiting tasks, requisitions, interviewing and hiring. Recruiting team can speed up the hiring and onboarding process by using modules that drive qualified applicants to open positions, close requisitions, and digitally manage the onboarding process.

Robust reporting and analytic tools empower HR professions to analyze employees from every angle. They can analyze candidates and employee data to manage the workforce. The system also enables HR managers to analyze costs of turnover and hires, predict effects of salary increases, track salary increases against performance ratings, compare benefits programs, and more.

Mobility has become a standard part of every business. The mobile functionality of HR software empowers HR professionals to better engage today’s mobile workforce round the clock. HR team can update and share information on the move. The self-service mobile portal enables employees to easily access and change critical personal data such as payroll information, insurance details, company directories, and more.

With an HR management system HR team can make better decisions faster and ensure compliance with ever-changing labor laws.

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