Updates in SutiHR’s Recruitment, Benefits, and Personnel Modules

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The world of HR is changing fast and organizations need to stay updated with the latest business trends and best practices. Here, we present the latest updates in SutiHR that streamline your key HR activities


Earlier, the requisition approval process was a bit complicated. With the new functionality requisition approvers can now be redirected to the respective requisition approval record from their email.

EEOC fields are also included in the job application forms. These fields are automatically mapped to the appropriate/relevant fields in the application.

Earlier HR recruiters can only view the most recent offer letter, whether accepted or rejected. But now, they can view the different iterations made in approving the offer letter.

The system automatically archives all the deleted resumes. These resumes can be found under the ‘Archived Resumes’ page.


The system automatically notifies HR administrators when an employee updates his/her education details, projects list, previous company details, dependencies, siblings, or beneficiaries.

HR administrators can now provide privileges to individual employee to access his/her timesheet. Employees can view/edit their timesheets based on the permission provided by the HR administrator.

All modifications in an employee’s dependent details are now shown on the employee’s audit log screen.

When employees complete their training, the system automatically updates the training details in their education details page.


When employees confirm their benefits by notifying the HR administrator, the system automatically sends a report containing employee information, family details, beneficiary details, and qualifying life events to them through an email.

With the new enhancement, employees can now view the excess benefit funds that are being transferred to 401K or HSA plans.

HR administrators can now export the benefits and deductions log to an excel sheet.

Employees now have an option to choose Roth 401K or Traditional 401K plans under 401K benefits.

For more information, please visit the SutiHR page.

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