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Procurement in the Digital Age – How AI-Powered Systems Can Handle It

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Rapid growth in digital technologies is remaking business procurement and is poised to transform how the supply chain function delivers value. Mainly, when coming to a software solution for procurement management, the trend in the industry is that of AI-powered software. Advanced AI-powered procurement systems are enabling the future by providing access to previously unavailable data, providing robust analysis and better supplier policies, and enabling more efficient processes.

The procurement system does not just rapidly, efficiently, and accurately process the analytical data, but it knows how to detect trends and patterns within your spend based on this data. It offers suggestions on where and how savings can be made. The solution focuses on time-consuming data analysis, and your team can make significant decisions for better results.

Cost Saving Insights

Regardless of your industry, having a well-designed, cost-effective procurement function can either make or break a successful business. Your procurement staff must be focused as much as possible in analyzing all the related data that could lead to your next key insight on how to reduce costs in your procurement.

The cost-saving insights are essential to streamline your procurement function, to cover all potential areas of savings, necessary care has to be taken to precisely analyze the information, and without the accuracy, insights are worthless. Ability to ensure categorization accuracy drives everything when selecting the right procurement system. If it’s not done correctly, your procurement staff needs to spend more time fixing the data and less time making savings.

Thanks to the advancements in AI and Machine Learning technologies, AI-powered procurement systems can effectively and efficiently process all your business procure-to-pay data and categorize it to a higher degree of accuracy. An advanced software solution can categorize your data without additional IT integrations. The solution will automatically classify and accurately display the analysis of your company’s procurement spends and highlights the various cost-saving insights for investigation. Your procurement staff will be able to make better decisions and actions to cut costs across your procurement process.

Supplier Contract Compliance

Supplier contract compliance within the supply chain may have always been a difficult measure for your procurement team. Unfortunately, it is also an essential measure of any procurement function, ensuring that your business is spending with the right contracted vendors at the agreed rates.

The supply chain has seen a remarkable shift in responsibilities for their teams, moving from transactional to strategic, and recognizing the benefits and significance of having long term agreements with the suppliers, securing price, delivery, service, and quality – not just purchase orders.

Contract management is everything about managing the contract, ensuring the company directs it’s spend to the chosen contracted suppliers. This ensures that a business improves its bottom line, as well as buying to the suitable standards for its goods and services.

Maintaining supplier contracts can be a difficult task, and most organizations are using procurement systems with additional analytical tools to help their procurement staff keep track of their companies’ compliance. The latest systems with AI technology help quickly and accurately assess where spend leakage is happening, providing recommendations, insights and actions to procurement staff so they can address and re-direct spend to the agreed source. This helps your procurement staff save time by providing actionable data based on accurate data, leaving them with more time to address other critical issues.

Contract Life Cycle Management

Contract life cycle management is the main aspect of the procure-to-pay process, ensuring vendors adhere to their contractual requirements and pricing. It is an important part of routine operations of any business and is a more complicated task than simply ensuring that a supplier contract is valid and doesn’t need renewing.

Even a small enterprise, at any given time, could be in contract with various contractors and suppliers to procure goods and services. Now imagine what a large organization’s contract management needs look like.

It’s not about just managing current contracts; businesses need to plan and decide what actions to be taken on contracts nearing expiration. Planning the expiration of an agreement depending on the complexity takes time – renegotiating, understanding market changes, discovering a better deal elsewhere; all these need time. If you don’t plan, you get the same or even worse results.

An AI-powered procurement system offers insights and alerts based on when contracts are coming to an end, making sure that your analysis and discussions are never rushed and always appropriately considered.

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