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Product Update: Exciting New Features of SutiHR

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Share the postThe latest features added to SutiHR will improve the effectiveness of your HR…

Product Update: Exciting New Features of SutiHR

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The latest features added to SutiHR will improve the effectiveness of your HR management strategy.

  • Employees have an option to edit their submitted timesheets before they have been approved. This option is made available online when the “Allow employee to edit timesheet until it is approved” setup is enabled at the unit level.

  • Employees who don’t have the privilege to edit timesheets are now able to edit a rejected timesheet. This option is made available online when the “Allow employee (who doesn’t have edit timesheet privilege) to edit a rejected timesheet” setup is enabled at the unit level.

  • When enrolling benefits, the system allows users to enter the effective date for each coverage type for every dependent manually.

  • Users who can clock in/out within department and job category now have the option to add completed work hours into multiple rows on a timesheet. The system also now provides an option to delete a row if required.

  • The application disallows employees to apply for time-off on holidays and weekends. However, employees can apply for time-off on weekends and holidays if the setup is enabled at the employee level.

  • Managers can now create a note for their team members through the My Team option. This is made available only when the Create Notes privilege under the My Team section is enabled on the employee’s Roles and Permissions page.

  • The goal management feature has been added to the performance module. The goal management functionality allows users to create, align, monitor, and measure individual and team goals.

  • This system also now allows users to raise requests such as job location change, primary job change, and miscellaneous for the previous days.

  • The “notes” tab has been added to the Personnel setup section. It enables HR administrators to create various types of notes and can define users who are allowed to use these types of notes.

  • The system automatically sends an email notification to HR administrators when a note is filed about/to someone. This functionality will be available only when the “Notify HR Administrator when a note is filed” option is enabled in the unit mail notifications settings.

  • Time-off accrual value depends on the employee experience. The application displays an information icon whenever the accrual rate changes. To view experience, users can hover their mouse over the information icon.

  • Employees can view their current compensation details in their profile under the My HR menu. HR managers now have an option to allow or restrict users from viewing these details.

  • HR managers have the provision to override the enrollment period for a particular employee. The enrollment period is inclusive of both “From” and “To” dates.

  • The application automatically sends notifications about upcoming birthdays to all the users.

  • Hour detail reports can be sent to the selected people along with the staffing agencies.

  • The holiday notification email template has been modified. Also, users can add additional information when creating a holiday request.

  • When creating a job profile, HR managers can add a job title and assign it to multiple departments at a time. Also, you can add a job title to the already existing job title list of a department.

  • Time-off Accrual Effective Date is now displayed on the Accrual Details page.

  • Along with timesheet approval statuses, the applications now display details such as timesheet approval date and the approver’s name.

  • The application restricts managers from viewing the documents that are shared with employees if an HR manager check-marks the option “Allow employee to view this document” when uploading the document.

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