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Reduce Reimbursement Delays with SutiExpense

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In expense reimbursement process, delays can occur in any phase of the expense cycle. There might be various reasons for this, but the most common ones can be either one of these – not submitting the expenses on time or not approving the expense reports on time. One reason behind this is the absenteeism of either employees or approvers. SutiExpense provides you an option to set alternate approvers and delegate users such that you can possibly overcome delays caused due to absence and offers you mobile access so that employees can finish these administrative tasks from anywhere.

The alternate approver feature allows you to assign a person to handle report approvals in your absence. When you have assigned an alternate approver, all the expense reports that require approvals will be routed to the alternate approvers so that they can approve or reject the expense reports. Also, you can restrict the job of alternate approvers by allowing them to only view or edit or update the expense reports submitted by employees. In this way, you will have no report pending from your end for approval. This certainly reduces possible delays and speeds up the reimbursement process.

The delegate users feature allows employees to assign another employee to submit their expense reports on their behalf. For instance, when an employee is on leave, another employee can prepare and submit expense reports in their absence. Also, you will have an option to give permissions to other employees to submit, review, edit or update the expense reports.

These two features would help automate the expense process while reducing possible delays that you might encounter in real-time. Add to this mobile access and you have a solution that works at all times for everyone.