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Simplifying Corporate Travel with T & E Automation

SutiExpense Simplifies the Expense Report Audit Process
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Business traveling isn’t always fun. You have a lot of things to do before and after the trip such as booking flights, hotels, keeping receipts, tracking mileage, so on and so forth. Taking all these into consideration, it is clear that business travel is not so easy as it sounds. And, if you are a frequent business traveler, let’s not even think about how much time you spend in tracking all these and doing other things pertaining to business travel.

With so much to do, you’ll be left behind if you don’t do things on time. Thanks to apps like SutiTravel for making your business trip hassle-free.

Dealing with corporate travel can be complicated. Flights should be approved and paid for while ensuring employees get the right seats every time. And, what if flights get delayed or canceled? You’ll have to take that administrative burden of requesting airline refund.

It is even more difficult for companies with hundreds of employees flying overseas frequently. Technology can get your job done easily and help you manage business travel the right way.

However, changing travel trends, in addition to the complexity of business travel leaves a lot of room for improvement. That’s why businesses should go with an expense application that integrates with an online booking solution to manage your corporate travel end-to-end. With integrated travel and expense software, you can keep track of travel policies, preferred suppliers, and approval workflows all from a single platform.

Employees can easily book and manage their itineraries while having the control of what airlines and prices to display. When employees send a request for approval, it either gets automatically approved based on the customized workflow or routed to the appropriate person for approval.

Integrated T & E software will be available even for last-minute adjustments to your itinerary and gives recommendations whenever you require.

T & E solution gives you complete flexibility and accessibility to manage your expense reports. It acts as a complete solution and can satisfy anyone on your team – right from employees to CFO.

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