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Adding Value to Corporate Travel With Automation

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Organizations, regardless of size, require some amount of business travel. Travel programs can help expose the value across travel spending and productivity. Giving businesses basic tools, access, and visibility needed in Travel and Expense (T & E) reporting can help reduce travel and expense costs. Furthermore, using a cloud-based travel and expense report solution can help businesses reduce time in creating expense reports and minimizes costs.

Automated T & E solution enables businesses to:

Get corporate discounts on air, hotel, and car rental bookings for business travel

Self-writing expense reports that reduce the hassle of creating expense reports

Capturing itinerary information to manage your travel all from one place

Gain real time visibility into employee travel plans

Monitor bookings as they occur and alerts employees when bookings exceed the threshold set

Expense report software helps you to effectively manage your itineraries and allows you to easily integrate with suppliers. The solution enables businesses to get a hotel and air discounts, capture itinerary details and get e-receipts by integrating with leading merchants. With limited budgets, staffing, and travel knowledge, businesses find it difficult to manage travel and expense reporting effectively.

Automated solutions will expedite business processes by providing visibility and tools required to capture your employee spending. Businesses increasingly look for efficient, integrated, and affordable travel solutions such as SutiExpense that can help manage their employee spending. Expense management systems will help turn your corporate travel program into a managed travel program, leaving all limitations to travelers.

Built on open platform architecture, SutiExpense can easily integrate with third-party applications that can make expense reporting even easier. Deploying automated solutions will assure compliance with business rules can be incorporated automatically into the system, so the system can alert employees whenever an employee submits expenses that are out-of-policy.

All these features will help companies grow and mature into a complete business that will benefit greatly from corporate travel programs.

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