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Social Media and Talent Acquisition

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Finding the right candidate with both the right qualities and qualifications to fill a position is a difficult task for HR recruiters. Moreover, the process of reviewing resumes and applications turns out to be a waste of time upon interviewing. In order to overcome these drawbacks, more businesses have started using social networks with increased frequency.

Social media plays an important role in HR recruiting. Today, most of the job seekers are using social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to find new jobs, and HR teams have access to a large pool of candidates.

HR recruiters can simply post the available jobs to a social media website and go through the profiles of the applicants and find a good fit. HR teams can form a wide network of connections including former employees, professional acquaintances, and other people who also then act as hubs for access to secondary connections.

HR professionals are advised to join groups that might have potential candidates and participate in group discussions. Once a network is established, they can simply post the job openings in the status box – this will ensure that all the groups will be notified about this announcements.

Social media allows HR teams to create targeted ads; with these ads, they can target desired job seekers based on, location, and common keywords. Once posted, the ad will appear only to those users who meet the requirements. Social hiring not only enables a business to access a vast pool of potential talent, but it also helps HR recruiters get to know a candidate before schedule an interview.

Social recruitment enables HR recruiters to meet and gauge applicants before the time-consuming processes of reviewing applications. By learning about the candidates before the applications are reviewed HR professionals can easily figure out whether the candidates’ attitude would be appropriate for the work environment or not.

HR professionals can also look at their posts or tweets to get a peek into their ideology, working style and interests.

With the increase in technology and the use of social networks, social hiring has become a significant part of talent acquisition. HR recruiters are now looking at the public profiles of candidates before initiating the recruitment process to get a better idea of their character traits.

Using social media for talent acquisition is one of the most economical ways to attract top talent to your organization – a robust HR software solution with social recruiting features can help tremendously during this process.

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