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Streamline your Accounting Processes with SutiAP

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Managing invoices and other documents is a real challenge for the accounts payable department as there is no specific format for invoices. Hence, capturing and organizing the invoices that roll out from different locations is a notorious task that requires you to put a lot of effort. With SutiAP, your accounts department can make faster payments by processing all the invoices in a precise way. Whatever may be the invoice format, the solution captures, sorts, and sends the invoices to the appropriate person for approval.

Our intuitive dashboards allow you to easily create invoices and help you track everything effortlessly. Whenever an invoice is uploaded, our solution matches with the receipts stored in the database. If the invoice matches with the receipt, that particular receipt will be moved to the in workflow section, else it will be saved in the open batch section. In this way, you can track the number of invoices that don’t have receipts in an easy way. Also, you can record the submitted, approved, and cleared invoices easily and quickly.

Our accounts payable solution offers comprehensive features like security preferences, label customization, receipt scanning technology, line item customization, email customization, and changing user menus that allow you to customize the application as per your requirements. Everything related to invoices can be automated so as to accelerate the payment process.

Accessing and taking action on invoices can become much simpler with accounts payable software. Invoice management software not only adds efficiency to your accounts department but also helps you figure out the maverick invoices. Hence, automating invoices is very important for every organization.