SutiProcure Maximizes Efficiency in Every Purchase

When it comes to procurement, requisitions, purchase orders, acquisition requests, and vendor contract management require timely communication across various departments and entities to maintain efficiency. All those who are involved in the procurement process need an easy-to-use procurement solution that accelerates approval and collaboration between the processes. A mobile application can facilitate the entire procure-to-pay cycle and simplifies every phase involved in the purchase cycle. The following are a few key benefits of mobile eProcurement solution:

Provides quick access to information and improves operational efficiency

Mobile procurement solution gives unparalleled experience for users on both mobiles and tablets. Requisitions can be made any time, approvers can review price quotations, and edit requisitions. Eliminating the data silos, employees can complete a purchase from various locations while working within a collaborative system. This helps you control decentralized purchasing processes and increases the efficiency of the procurement process.

Enhances communication & collaboration

Having good collaboration on vendor selection, contracts, and price quotations between different departments in an organization is essential to make your procurement process productive. Increased collaboration helps you make cost-efficient decision-making, often resulting in corporate savings.

Employee satisfaction

Today’s workforce wants an application that is easy to use and simple to work with. User experience is the most important for any application, especially for eProcurement. Using a purchase-to-pay platform, users can submit an expense report or purchase requisitions from the same application.

When an organization moves to eProcurement, a greater degree of efficiency can be achieved in the entire procure-to-pay cycle. Deploying a modern, cloud-based procurement solution would reap in significant benefits to the enterprise. eProcurement solution would help you make informed and cost-efficient decisions, thus improving overall operational efficiency.