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Submit Your Expense Reports from Anywhere!

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Employees need to travel on business, and more importantly, they have to collect receipts for the expenses they have made in order to create an expense report and claim their expenses.  Say you have been sent on a business trip. If you forget any of the receipts, you might end up bearing those expenses from your own pocket. In such cases, how comfortable would it be if you are given an mobile expense reporting application that runs in your mobile allowing you to send expense reports by attaching receipts then and there, anytime, and from anywhere!

Here are some ways how an expense reporting software mobile app helps you simplify your expense reimbursement process:

Quick Expense Report Creation

Using an expense report software mobile app, you can create expense reports anytime and anywhere. This helps you save your time while claiming your expenses.

Capture and Attach Receipts

Using your mobile, you can simply capture receipts and attach them directly to your expense report instead of collecting them and bringing back to your office for reimbursement process.

Submit Reports Anywhere and Anytime

This mobile app empowers you in sending your expense reports to your respective approver. All you have to do is to open your expense report, enter your expense details, capture and attach appropriate receipts, and submit your report.

Approvals Made Online

The solution eliminates the usual time delays associated with the approval process as once the expense reports are sent for approval, the respective approver receives an email notification regarding the pending request. Approvers can view the expense reports in their pending requests section and approve the report by signing directly on their mobile app.

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