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SutiExpense Integration with QuickBooks Desktop to Get your Expenses Move Quickly

Expense report software - SutiExpense
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Are you juggling with multiple accounting systems and expense management systems to get reimbursements done? With SutiExpense you will not need to do that. SutiExpense integration with QuickBooks desktop will make the job easy by making expense management simply effortless.

Accounting Becomes Easy

No more re-entry for the finance department. SutiExpense imports all approved expenses directly into QuickBooks desktop as bills, checks or journals, so it becomes easy for you to process reimbursements.

Track Where Your Money is Going

Import all your expenses into QuickBooks with a single click in any of the available formats so it becomes easy for you to track which expense claims are tracked and which are not. Also, this makes the reimbursement process much more convenient. SutiExpense automatically matches all your expense claims to the correct expense accounts so you don’t have to manually categorize them in QuickBooks. Whether you want to sort expenses, cost centers, conferences or project types, you can organize your expense reports efficiently with SutiExpense.

Let your employees access QuickBooks from SutiExpense instantly! Next time when you access QuickBooks, you can record expenses right away using SutiExpense application and mark them as billable. As manual matching will be eliminated, there will not be any additional delays in the approval and reimbursement process.

Make Informed Decisions

With SutiExpense analytics, you can drill down into company’s spending and find out what exactly is happening with your corporate budget. Analytics help you find which cost centers are spending the most, where they are spending, and why spending is happening the most. All these will help you make right budget decisions.

SutiExpense also allows users to import transactions from QuickBooks using web connector. For this, you have to establish a connection with web connector first and payments can be done instantly.

Want to learn more about SutiExpense Expense management? Request a free demo today.

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