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SutiExpense Integration with Netsuite Helps with Faster Reimbursements

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With an intention to meet the needs of all businesses, we have integrated SutiExpense with yet another accounting system – NetSuite. We understand how difficult it is for you to manually input all the employee expenses into the accounting solution. That’s why we have integrated with the NetSuite accounting system to simplify the expense reimbursement process. SutiExpense and NetSuite integration will provide users with the best experience by staying continuously in sync and keeping finance data up to date and accurate.

As our software is completely customizable, you can choose what data should be synchronized and what should not. Since the complete expense data can be seamlessly synchronized, you can automatically import any bank or credit card transactions, reconcile all transactions, and export card data including receipts to the NetSuite account. Additionally, any out-of-pocket expenses will get directly imported into NetSuite, if required.

All you need to do is to configure NetSuite at admin level and select the employee expenses you want to import to the solution. By selecting the required data, you can directly import the data into the NetSuite accounting system wherein you can proceed for payment. Through this integration, you can save a significant amount of time and resource costs. You don’t need to manually enter all details of the expense report; in just a single click you can synchronize the data. This eliminates the possibilities of potential fraud, as all the data will be automatically imported into the system without manual intervention.

With NetSuite, your payments can be done quickly and easily without any headaches. Possible delays can be avoided and expenses can be cleared faster. We will continue integrating other complementary applications with SutiExpense – please visit the website for more information.