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SutiExpense integrates with SutiTravel: What does that mean for you?

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Booking tickets, flights and hotels is a hassle for employees. These cannot be avoided while planning a business trip. Though there are a number of travel options, sometimes there are no options that meet your schedule and needs. The travel plan you choose should be in compliance with your company’s expense policy. Finding the right travel option and then completing an expense report is a tedious task for employees. Welcome, SutiExpense integration with SutiTravel.

SutiExpense is not just an expense management solution but also helps employers reduce the hassle of booking tickets. No longer do you need to visit various booking platforms to get the information needed; all the travel info can be found in a single platform. Expense report software integration with travel software brings numerous benefits such as:

Travel trip is made easy

As you can directly book tickets from SutiTravel, you can do all you need from a single platform. Travellers can choose a plan that complies with the company’s expense policy. Travel expense reporting is simplified

Since all travel requests are done through our platform, it is easy to submit expense reports and get reimbursements processed faster. This creates a win-win situation for both employers and employees by increasing visibility and getting reports processed faster.

Ensure compliance

SutiExpense enforces your company’s travel policy in our travel booking platform. Whenever an employee makes a travel request, it will check whether the request is in compliance with the company’s spend policy. Companies can ensure that employees follow the rules and make the right travel decisions.

Analyzing travel expenses

All travel expenses can be tracked easily. This will help you in identifying areas where expenses can be reduced. Our intuitive dashboards provide you with an overview of the travel and expense spending of your department allowing you to plan your budget accordingly.

The integration helps both employees and employers to reduce the burden of travel booking online.