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SutiExpense – The Best Bet to Overcome Expense Management Challenges

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Want to automate your expense reporting process? Looking for an expense management solution? Well, SutiExpense is the right choice for you. With many comprehensive features, The solution would definitely meet your needs irrespective of the industry you work in. The following are some key features that prove why SutiExpense is ideal for businesses of all sizes:

Snap a Receipt

You can record an expense just by taking a snap of the receipt. Our solution makes use of OCR technology to read the merchant, date, and amount information and of an expense item.

Importing Credit Card Transactions

Credit cards including corporate credit cards can be linked to your bank account and all the transactions made can be imported automatically to the expense report. Credit card integration would completely do away with inputting expenses manually to the report, making it easy for accountants to process the reimbursement requests.

Expense Policy Check

Every business has set its expense policies. Our software lets you set expense limits for each expense category and helps you enforce compliance policy effectively. It flags any exceptions so as to ensure that all expenses are complying with your spend policy.

Duplicate Detection

Our solution detects potential duplicates by comparing the receipts with all the receipts in the database. It alerts the user whenever a duplicate receipt is being attached so that they can check and correct.

Alternate Approvers

Getting approval for an expense report is a time-consuming process. However, in the case of approver absence, all the expense reports remain unapproved. To overcome this, Our expense management software provides you an option of assigning an alternate approver who takes the responsibility to oversee and approve the expense reports for others.

In addition to these, some other features like pre-trip authorization, setting expense limits and city restrictions give an edge to SutiExpense over other solutions.