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SutiExpense’s Email Receipt Feature Makes your Travel Process Receipt-free

Business travelers need to retain a number of receipts while on trip. Right from car rentals to accommodation, everything should be presented to the finance department for approval. This would require you to collect and store all the receipts with a lot of care because losing a single receipt would require you to spend from your pockets. Therefore, these paper receipts can sometimes make your job difficult. To overcome this problem, companies prefer digital receipts over paper ones. The concept of email receipts will make the travel process receipt-free.

SutiExpense supports the email receipt feature which allows you to send and append all the receipts easily for expense reporting. As a business traveler, you will be waiting to submit all the receipts and get them reimbursed at the earliest possible moment. The email receipts feature will facilitate this process by speeding up the procedures and increasing transparency. Your vendors can email receipts to you and the email receipts feature will scan them easily for expense reporting.

All these receipts can be automatically added as the expense line items to reports, thus expediting the expense report making process. The feature works by configuring your email address to which you want to email all the receipts. You can then add accounts of all those whom you want to email digital receipts, so that all the receipts can be automatically sent to the new email address.

All these receipts will be auto-scanned and added as line items to expense reports. This simplifies and accelerates the process of making reports and reimbursing the incurred expenses. As the receipts are scanned and uploaded, there would be least potential for human errors and fraudulence.