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Intuitive Dashboards Make SutiExpense Impeccable

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Intuitive dashboards and user-friendly navigation are the two primary reasons for why SutiExpense is embraced by most businesses. Our solution is developed keeping users in mind, which is why it makes it extremely easy for customers to get the information they need without waiting for long period. The dashboards feature everything you need to know about expense approval, reports submitted, and credit card transactions. It primarily consists of four sections such as:

My Receipts

This consists of all the receipts uploaded by you, which can be attached to any expense report of any expense type. You can save a lot of your time by quickly searching any receipt by specifying the date range. You can add single/multiple receipts at a time and delete any receipt if not required. As the receipts will be stored in the database, you need not worry about the receipt loss.

Credit Card Transactions

This gives you the list of transactions you have made on the credit card. You can import transactions from master card, visa, AMEX, or any other personal & small business cards from any range. Also, you can import the transactions to any report in just a single click. This makes your job easy as every transaction will be recorded automatically.

Pending Approval

This lists all the reports that you have submitted for approval. Also, you can track expense reports by statuses such as submitted, travel desk processing, approved, rejected, converted and paid.

Require Your Approval

This lists out all the expense reports that require your approval. With this option, you can have a quick glance over expense reports in a detailed manner and provide your approval at a faster pace. You can get the list of reports by person, which means you can view the expense reports of employees by selecting their name from the list.

All these features make it easy for you to track reports and approve expenses. The SutiExpense dashboard is a great tool for you to complete your expense management related tasks quickly and effortlessly.