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Track your Employees with Expense Report Software

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When it comes to expense reporting, there would not be much information about certain expenditure items such as cab ride and the total distance traveled. The only way to verify such kind of purchases is to match the reported expenses with receipts. This sort of verification works well for the purchase of gas but what if you are talking about the actual distance traveled? There would be no exact information for this; hence to make sure that the reimbursement for cost-per-mile is accurate, getting only a little information would not be sufficient. Fortunately, modern expense report software can help solve this problem.

Google Maps Integration

By integrating Google Maps with expense reimbursement software, the geographical considerations can be attained in a very detailed manner. Every pick and drop can be annotated with complete route using Google Maps. This works well for routes that are unknown such as employee driving to another city. You can get the exact details about the distance involved with each drive and employee can plot the routes & attach the Google Map path to the expense report.

This allows employees to view the files and verify if the line item matches with the Google Maps notifications. This makes it easy for you to see the distance and cost involved in business trips. Also, this would clear up any questions that people might have about the submitted line items.

Online expense software would add a level of convenience and efficiency for users. By looking at the map, further clarification can be achieved and one can see the number of trips as well as the actual distance involved in the entire travel.