T & E Cost Control – What you need to Know

It’s no more surprising that travel has become an integral part of every business. Employees should travel overseas to close major business deals. Due to this, travel and entertainment expenses have increased, thus requiring you to limit the budget required to spend on other activities.

Leveraging the information you get from reports helps you figure out where your spending has been. This helps you find out how these expenses are helping you generate revenue, whether the people who spend the most bring sales, and so on. By analyzing the information, you can identify certain trends that are present within your company:

List out allowed expenses

Letting your employees know which travel and entertainment policies are there within the company’s policy can help you limit expenses. For instance:

  • Do you allow expenses on low-scale hotel chains or resorts?

  • Did you set a per diem rate?

  • Is alcohol allowed?

  • First class or business class?

  • Are entertainment activities are covered?


Communication is another attribute that needs to be included in the company policy. Mobiles are an absolute mode of communication for business travelers. Modes of communication such as cell phones, data charges, and internet all should be included in the company’s policy. All these things should be considered when developing a format for expense reports.

Tips to develop good expense policies

Having a clear idea of what is and what is not allowed in the expense reporting process will help you enforce policies easily. Enforcing all these rules is required for your company to grow. Considering expense report software is an ideal way to make policies work the right way ahead.