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Do you know what makes employees better comply with T & E policies? A simple T & E solution would be of no use if it does not support the following features:

Integrated mobile application

Connecting with T & E system via a mobile application is one of the effective ways to make employees comply with T & E policies. Using mobile applications, employees can capture expenses in real-time within the application and stay connected with corporate travel services. Reducing the time for employees to submit expenses is one of the greatest benefits that mobile applications bring to the organization.

Single solution to manage T & E and invoice

Having a single solution for both T & E and invoice management is an advantage to both financial managers and employees as data exchange can be done easily within the systems. Using a single system and mobile application to manage both expenses and invoices can help the organization automate the processes and gain great insights on employee spending.

Accurate reporting & tracking

Finance and corporate travel managers get benefited from T & E cost reporting and analysis to take advantage of volume discounts with travel service providers and gain visibility into spending patterns for managing travel expenses.

Booking directly with suppliers

Technology is making it more interesting for employees to book travel directly with the selected vendors instead of being associated with corporate travel agency. Booking directly with travel managers gives you a lot of choices that are consistent with your company’s travel policies while enhancing the travel experience.